how often does a septic tank REALLY need to be emptied?

i have a 1500 gallon septic tank that was installed 4 years ago, does it already have to be emptied?

Author: Forty Is The New Pink!

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3 Responses to “how often does a septic tank REALLY need to be emptied?”

  • gwactod:

    No you should not have to empty it, they are designed to run “Full”, bacteria brakes down the solids and the excess water goes into land pipes or soak away.

  • ALLEN R:

    If you put in two packages of brewers yeast in your toilet twice a year you should be able to go for 10 to 20 years, provided you DO NOT HAVE YOUR WASHING MACHINE emptying into it. A washing machine will kill a septic tank’s chemical reaction faster than anything. Take your washing machine and put a hose on the discharge tube and run it out to the middle of the yard. You will save on your water bills and the soapy water helps to break down hard soil so that it will absorb the water better.

  • cowboydoc:

    I just had mine pumped, it’s been almost twenty years. You can have any water, including the washing machine, put into it. All your soaps now days are bio-degradable and won’t harm the tank or the flow. Don’t worry about it.

    You shouldn’t have to put anything in your tank to “help it” the tank should naturally do it’s job through natural chemical action. My last place went 25 years and, we raised five kids there.

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