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Visit for the best septic system bacteria. Biospan and O2 Zyme are the best septic tank additives on the market today.


Septic Problems

Septic Problems?

DRS Environmental’s formulas have been used in commercial and governmental activities worldwide over the past 15 years. Formulas are customized for the specific application of correcting Septic Problems. Our products are harmless to plants, animals and humans making them ideal for use in correcting septic problems amongst other applications. You can see our list of applications @ our website listed below.

DRS Environmental’s formulas produce a broad array of benefits to industry and to nature. Our formulas not only introduce new first generation bacteria to correct septic problems, but also stimulate existing beneficial bacterial already present in the waste substrate. This synergistic joining increases the positive impact formulas have on waste including: greater solids and odor reduction, greater control of oil and grease, and increased gas quality and production rates.

Is Biospan more effective than Rid-x to correct Septic Problems?

Absolutely! Biospan has 57 powerful microbial strains in its formula. Rid-x has about 3 strains.
Biospan also has 10 billion microbes per gram, while rid-x only has 1/2 billion microbes per gram.

How does Biospan scientifically work to fix septic problems?

Biospan is an environmentally friendly solution to reduction of waste therefore correcting most septic problems. Biospan provides 10 billion colonies of selected natural microbes per gram. Released bacteria microbes function in the absence of oxygen and light and are characterized by their rapid reproduction and voracious appetites. These microbes rapidly take control and manage the digestion process conjoining with existing microorganisms in waste. To learn more about fixing your septic problems, visit our site listed below. We can fix your septic problems.

There is NO PRODUCT in existence today that can correct septic problems in a safe and effective way like Biospan.

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